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Iconbrows specializes in creating, enhancing, and replicating true hyper-realistic eyebrows that give premium natural looking results. We have helped over 2,000+ clients in rejuvenating their look and boosting their level of confidence and beauty. Below you can find our expert advice, knowledge and insight.

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About Iconbrows - Brow & Lash Perfection

  • Started in 2016 with only instagram until 2021.
  • 2,000+ Happy Clients from Referrals and Word of Mouths.
  • Modern Advanced knowledge from work & experience with Master-Level Permanent Makeup Trainers in Iran, Turkey, Asia, & Canada.
  • Only thoroughly researched and carefully selected premium products & pigments.
  • Creators of IconSTYLE True HDi Fusion Brows: The Perfect Brow.
  • Passionate about helping women look and feel their best.
Owner & CEO

Tara Bains

Tara started Iconbrows in 2016 & is the main artist & beauty educator mastermind behind the company. Tara has always believed that the client deserves the best service possible, and deserves to have beautiful eyebrows that help the client not only look beautiful but feel confident. True Brow Artistry, professional insight and problem-solving are just a few of the many qualities of Tara's work.

Tara has been trained & certified with famous permanent makeup trainers from all over the world and is passionate about bringing her knowledge and expertise to aspiring beauty artists looking to be trained world-wide.

Before Your Appointment: How To Prepare For Your New Brows & Lashes

Know how to prepare yourself for your new eyebrows and lashes. Get information on what is required & helpful advice before your eyebrows or eyelash service appointment with Iconbrows - Brows & Lash Perfection.

AfterCare Instructions: How To Best Take Care of Your New Brows & Lashes

Find our expert advice and tips on how to properly take care of your serviced eyebrows & eyelashes. Find our recommended tools and products to help ensure your transformation lasts as long as possible.

Toronto Microblading / Shading & Fusion Brows: The Iconbrows Process

Learn about the eyebrows microblading and shading processes at iconbrows here in toronto. Get insight and information on how we can help perfect your eyebrows with Iconbrows eyebrow permanent makeup.

Microblading Vs Shading, Which PMU Method is Right For Me?

Learn about the differences between microblading and microshading by iconbrows own brow experts. Iconbrows prides itself with being the most progressive eyebrows microblading and shading provider in canada.

Microblading - Your Complete Guide of What You Should Know

Our Brow Experts have created this guide to help you understand every step and insight when it comes to eyebrows microblading. Gain a full understanding on how Iconbrows Microblading helps perfect your eyebrows.

Shading | Ombre Brows | Powdered Brows - Guide To Make-Up Ready Brows

Gain information on how Eyebrow Microshading can help bring definiton and glow to your eyebrows. We have created this guide to show you how Shading, Ombre, Powder Brows give you make-up ready brows.

True HDi Fusion Brows - Your Complete Guide To Perfect Brows

True HDi Fusion Brows is our own Unique version of mixing eyebrows microblading & microshading to give you the perfect hyper-realistic looking eyebrows. Click to see how we can transform your eyebrows.

Why Fusion Brows May Be A Better Option For You Than Microblading

Many of our clients want natural looking brows and assume microblading is the most natural looking option, but our Brow Experts at Iconbrows have created Fusion Brows that may give much better results.

Toronto Lash Lift: Your Full Guide To Natural Lash Lift & Tinting.

See our expert guide on how lash lifts, lash keratin transforms your natural lashes into gorgeous eyelashes without the need for eyelash extensions. See how you can achieve a natural lift for your lashes.

Lash Extensions: What To Pick & How Long They Last

Every Lash studio has its own variety of lash services, here we go over what type of eyelash extension services Iconbrows provide from Classic Beauty, Hybrid Charmer, Volume Glam and many more lash extension styles!

Brow Lam: Discover How Brow Lamination Works

Eyebrow Lamination or Eyebrow Keratin Treatment is a relatively new service that came into the scene a few years ago, here you will find the information you want on how Brow Lamination can transform your eyebrows.

Henna Brows: How Eyebrow Staining Can Help Your Brows

Henna Brows, or eyebrow staining is a natural non-invasive way to achieve darker eyebrows with more volume and depth. Learn how eyebrow staining can help your eyebrows achieve the look you want.

Iconbrows Private Trainings: Learn Why In-Person is Better Than Online Training

The pandemic has introduced a high rise in studios and salons offering Online Trainings for various beauty services. But you may end up regretting wasting money on something that gives you little to no hands-on experience.

Mini-Group Trainings: How Iconbrows Has Created a System That Works For You

Group trainings are ways to gain trainings for much less cost, but depending on group sizes you may find yourself having wasted your time and money for something you gained little experience from.

Iconbrows Training Pathways: Learn The Skills & The Business As Well

You may have gained the experience needed to do the services, but how do you actually implement what you have learned and grow to the next level? Learn how Iconbrows Training Pathways can make your business grow.

Iconbrows Training Course Certifications: Get Certified By True Industry Experts

Iconbrows prides itself for providing one of the most comprehensive training classes world-wide that not only teaches you the skills needed but also ensures you are actually prepared and qualified to provide services.