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The Iconbrows Perfect Brows Process

See the steps we take to create your perfect brows when you choose microblading, microshading (Ombre | Powder) or fusion brows pmu.

Step 01: The Consultation

Every eyebrow microblading, microshading and fusion brows treatment starts out with a consultation. We go through various things from your eyebrow goals, your current brow problems to your lifestyle, makeup and skincare routines. We ask questions to determine the best pathway to achieve your eyebrow perfection.

Ideal Candidate

Any person looking to enhance & upgrade their existing eyebrows, or even for people who have no eyebrows at all. If your eyebrows are thinner or lacking definition, we recommend True HDi Fusion Brows to add natural-looking additional texture and definition.

Note: Please refrain from taking any form of a blood thinner at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, this includes, but is not limited to: Alcohol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Fish Oil, Turmeric, Coffee(caffeine), etc.

Who is Not A Good Candidate?

  • You Cannot have had any kind of Botox or fillers done 3-4 weeks before the eyebrow microblading, microshading or fusion brows procedure.
  • You Cannot have had any form of Microneedling (or any similar procedure that works by opening up the skin) two weeks before & two weeks after.
  • No chemical peels 60 days before or 60 days after procedure (Brows will peel quicker due to chemicals traveling under the skin).
  • No Retinols or Retin-A or other anti-aging/acne creams, or serums containing acids as these will fade brows prematurely.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing.
  • If you are under the age of 18.
  • If you have or experience Skin irritation (sunburn, rash, eczema, shingles, active acne or psoriasis near the treated area) often.
  • You Cannot have used Accutane in the past 12 months.
  • If you have diabetes.
  • If you have epilepsy.
  • If you have any heart or cardiac-related issues or use a pacemaker.
  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
  • If you are prone to keloid scarring.
  • If you had an organ transplant, please consult your doctor first.
  • If you have any viral infections or diseases.
  • If you have any type of transmittable blood disease, HIV or Hepatitis.
woman getting a consultation for her permanent makeup by iconbrows.

Step 02: Eyebrow Mapping

After we have reviewed your answers and wishes for your new eyebrows, we start with measuring and mapping out your new perfect eyebrow shape. Before we start the actual microblading, microshading or fusion brows treatment, we design out the shape and style of your new eyebrows to your liking and do not continue until you first approve the design. Our goal is to make sure you are aware and feel comfortable and secure at every step of your eyebrows transformation. Note: Our Iconbrows professionals do generally recommend going slightly bigger and darker shape, because your eyebrows will shrink and fade by 20-30% when undergoing their healing process.


We use various tools and apps and our expert eyes to measure out the perfect shape for your eyebrows using mathematical theorems and various other functions to determine the best possible brows for your unique face, style & wishes.


Once we have measured out the perfect shape to your liking, we start to design and map out the brows to give you an idea on how they will look. Note: This is just to give you an representative idea of shape and positioning as the pencil is solid and has a deeper color, while the finished result will be much more detailed.


We mix various pigments to achieve the best color and shade that matches your natural brows, skin tone and personal wishes. This is an important step to ensure you have eyebrows that compliments your natural skin tone.

Eyebrow mapping done on woman in toronto for microblading, microshading and combo brows by iconbrows.

Step 03: We Start The Treatment

After you have approved the new eyebrow shape size and color, we apply a topical anesthetic to ensure you feel little to no pain during the microblading, microshading or fusion brows treatment. We only use the best products possible in the market to ensure all our clients get the best result possible. Once your brow area is ready, we start the actual first part of eyebrow transformation, where we make the changes to your eyebrows.


With Iconbrows eyebrow microblading, we use a specialized high quality one-time use only, handheld tool to make tiny incisions into the upper-epidermal layer of your eyebrow skin to make hair like strokes one by one to achieve the look of natural-looking hairlines. Our Iconbrows Brow Experts will make strokes that mimic your natural eyebrow hair growth direction to give your new microbladed eyebrows a very natural look that will make your eyebrows seem like they have naturally grown new hairs. This process can take from 1 and a half hours, to three hours depending on the amount of work is needed.


With Iconbrows eyebrow microshading, also known as ombre | powder brows, we use a custom handheld machine with one-time-use cartridges of multiple micro-needles to inject the chosen color pigmentation into the upper-epidermal layers of your eyebrow skin. Our Iconbrows Brow Experts will use the machine to shade in the definition and shape mapped out to give you the final finish look of defined makeup ready brows. This process can take from 1 and a half hours, to three hours depending on the amount of work is needed.

True HDi Fusion Brows

With Iconbrows True HDi Fusion Brows, we use a combination of our custom handheld machine and our specialized one-time-use handheld tools to both make tiny hair like natural-looking incisions and as well, inject the chosen color pigmentation into the upper-epidermal layers of your eyebrow skin. Our Iconbrows Brow Experts will make strokes that mimic your natural hair growth direction and also use the machine to add in the required definition and shade to the mapped out shape to give you the final finish look of hyper-realistic natural looking perfect eyebrows. This process can take from 2 to fours hours depending on the amount of work is needed.

start of permanent makeup treatment where we make eyebrow transformations with services like microblading and microshading in toronto.

Step 04: Cleanup & Aftercare

After we have finished the microblading, microshading or fusion brows treatment, you will get a chance to review your new brows and let us know if you want any further changes. Once you are happy with your new eyebrows, we will start cleaning up the area and apply any healing ointments and creams that will help your eyebrows retain the pigment and changes through your healing process before we finalize your new brows with the Iconbrows Perfecting Touch Up. We will take a photo for record-keeping and give you after-care instructions on how to best help heal your eyebrows during the healing process.

Aftercare Instructions

  • Do Not Touch! You must not touch your new brows or the surrounding area around your new microbladed, shaded brows for at least 24-48 hours after your appointment. They need to heal, let them heal in peace.
  • Use A Gentle Cleanser! After 24 hours of your microblading or microshading appointment, you can keep your brow area clean by using a gentle FRAGRANCE-FREE cleanser and water, gently cleaning with your hands. Do not use a washcloth or sponge! Clean the brows by moving your fingers and hands gently in the direction of the natural hair growth of your eyebrows.
  • Air Dry Those Brows After Washing! It is best to air dry or gently dab the eyebrows with a clean towel to remove water and other moisture.
  • Apply Aftercare Serum! Use the aftercare serum given to you by our brow experts with freshly washed hands or a Q-tip. DO NOT apply Vaseline, petroleum, A & D ointments or Bepanthen to the area during its healing as your risk of infection is very high.
  • No Picking or Rubbing! We know it will itch, and scab. That is a normal part of the healing process for your brows, but if you pick, rub or scratch the treated area you may cause scarring and pigment loss leading to much more work and potentially a more touch ups to get the desired final result. Let the healing process naturally make it fall off, it is completly normal and will be corrected in the following perfecting touch up appointment.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure! The sun is going to be your enemy for the 3 (Three) weeks after your appointment. Avoid it at all cost, direct sunlight on your eyebrows will cause the pigment to fade much faster and irritate your brows. Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, pools (chlorine will irritate your brows and may cause an infection afterwards), sauna, steam rooms, hot showers and hot baths for 3 weeks after your eyebrow microblading or shading procedure.
  • Avoid Intense Activity! Relax those marathon runs, gym squats and deadlifts that cause sweat to run down your face. Limit physical effort, gym and any other intense activity that causes you excessive sweating for at least 7-14 days.
  • Avoid Sleeping On Your Face! Sleep is important, but you cannot sleep on your face for at least the first 10 days after your eyebrow microblading or shading service. Become like Dracula for two nights and sleep on your back to ensure the oils, dust and other bacteria on your pillow doesn't seep into your brows and affect its natural healing process.
  • No Makeup, Botox Or Facials! Do not use any makeup, Botox or skincare products for at least 2 weeks after your eyebrow microblading, microshading, fusion brows appointment. Do not get any facials, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion treatments for at least 4 weeks. These may impact your eyebrows natural healing processes and affect your healed results.
  • Avoid Retin-A! If you use Retin-A, try to avoid using it close to the brow area.
  • Wear Sunblock When Goin Out! After around 14-21 days when the brow area has healed properly, please consider using sunblock when going out in places under direct sunlight to stop the color from fading. (SPF 30 or 50)
Helpful tips by brow and lash beauty experts at Iconbrows Toronto Top Microblading Studio in Canada.

Step 05: Healing Process

Your new microbladed eyebrows, microshaded eyebrows or fusion brows will appear to be anywhere from 20-40% darker and bolder in color and shape 24-48 hours after your first initial treatment. The complete healing process takes about 4-8 weeks, depending on how well you follow the guidelines above and your bodies natural healing ability. During the eyebrows healing process, your microbladed, shaded eyebrows will soften and lighten and undergo changes that may seem worrisome, but rest assured it is a completely normal part of your healing process. Be patient, even if you think too much color has been lost, as your skin is naturally regenerating and exfoliating to bring out the pigment and shapes we have added. Any loss in pigment and shape will be corrected in the Perfecting Touch Up appointment 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment when your eyebrows have fully healed.

Day 01-02

The first two days are crucial to your healing process. As we have added incisions and injections into the skin, you are susceptible to possible infections and scarring if you do not properly take care of your eyebrows. Your eyebrows may look slightly more dramatic than you are used to, they will also be tender and slightly swollen, you may even experience some spotting. If you are not used to filling in your eyebrows, you may find them much darker and bigger than you want, but do not panic, your eyebrows are just starting their healing process and the darker pigment and shape will settle down over the next week.

  • In the first 24-48 hours, don’t take vitamins that can thin your blood. Avoid alcohol and some tablets such as aspirin and Tylenol.
  • Use Healing balms once in the morning and once at night in the next 5 to 7 days, but be cautious not to apply too much of it.

Day 02-05

After the first two days the pain and swelling will begin to subside. You may start noticing some scabbing and your brows may begin to itch. It is VERY important that you do not scratch or pick your eyebrows. We have created incisions and injections on your skin, so your body will naturally begin to repair them, that is what is causing the scabbing and itching. It is completely normal and all part of the natural healing process.

  • Make sure your hands are clean when gently cleaning your eyebrows.
  • Gently clean your brows with a clean cotton swab damped with purified or steralized water 2-4 times a day.
  • Be as gentle as you can be, do not try to minimize your eyebrow scabbing and itching by unnecissarily washing or rubbing your eyebrows. Gently dab and air dry if you can.

Day 05-10

At this stage of your eyebrow healing process, scabs may begin to flake and naturally fall off. If you force the scabbing off by picking or peeling them off, you may peel off the pigment and lines we added as well. Just continue to gently clean the area and let the scabs fall off by themselves. This stage is the hardest for the healing process, but its necessary to allow your brows to heal as they should by themselves. If you have more oily skin, your natural skin oils will push pigment out and you will require more work during your touch-up. Your eyebrows may look lighter than you want, but again do not panic, they will come back once the healing process has been completed.

  • Carry on with your normal after-care routine. Be as gentle as you can be and try to avoid direct sunlight on your eyebrows as much as possible.

Day 10-14

Once your eyebrows stop peeling, you can stop using any ointments and creams that are advised. After day 14, you can start going back to your normal routine, wear makeup and continue your skincare and exercise routines. You're eyebrows will still likely look a bit too lighter than you want, but they will get darker and more natural once they get closer to their end of the healing process.

  • As your skin continues to heal, you will see more and more definition come to your eyebrows and gradually over the final two weeks, you will see everything fall into place.

Day 29-35

Week 4-6 is when your eyebrows have finally finished their healing process. With the healing stage completed, your eyebrows will feel more soft and natural but there may be some patches and color needed to be fixed, which is why we have the Perfecting Touch Up as the necessary 2nd part of the treatment.

  • At the perfecting touch up, you also have the opportunity to request any changes you want from seeing your eyebrows go through various shades and shapes over the healing process. Maybe you come to realize that you liked how the brows looked when they were bigger, or perhaps you liked them more darker than you first requested. Those are changes we can make during the Perfecting Touch Up session.
stages of healing when you are recovering from your first microblading or microshading treatment.

Step 06: Perfecting Touch Up

Once you have completed your eyebrow healing process after your microblading, microshading or fusion brows initial treatment, you will come in for your Iconbrows Perfecting Touch Up. During your touch up we will fix and correct any issues that you have from the healing process, and make any additional changes you may want from having your eyebrows go through the healing process. Not only is the Iconbrows Perfecting touch up necessary for correcting any issues you may have gotten from your bodies natural healing process, but it also helps ensure the longevity of your new eyebrows.


You should follow the same aftercare instructions as after your initial first part of the treatment. Avoid water and excessive exercise for the first two days, be gentle and allow your brows to heal.


Thankfully the healing of the after-care is much easier and faster. Normally your eyebrows will heal and repair at a much faster rate and retain the changes we make much better. You may experience some scabbing, but usually your healing process will only take 7-10 days. You will see the results much faster and experience much less redness, itchiness and irritation.

perfecting touchup done on woman for her microblading or microshading treatment in toronto.

Step 07: Enjoy Your New Brows

Once you have completed your eyebrow healing process after your microblading, microshading or fusion brows Perfecting Touch Up treatment, you will fall in love with your new iconbrows perfect eyebrows. Enjoy various benefits from saving time in the morning, to no longer having to avoid the pool in fear of eyebrow smudging. See how more confident and beautiful you feel and enjoy your Iconbrows Perfect Brows with no worry.

woman celebrating and enjoying her new eyebrows after a microblading done by iconbrows.