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Hyper-Realistic Eyebrows

Fusion Brows

This is The Service That Gives The Best Healed Results With Longevity & Natural-Looking Eyebrows

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fusion brows true hdi combo eyebrow tattoo service in etobicoke.

True HDi Fusion Brows

Eyebrow PMU

Iconbrows Fusion Brows is our unique version of Hybrid / Combo Brows service that combines the beauty and precision of MicroBlading with the defining shape of MicroShading giving you hyper-realistic natural-looking brows. After your initial treatment, you will come back for a Perfecting Touchup Session 4-8 weeks after your initial session, to ensure lasting effects and a perfect look. Lasts 2-3 years. (depending on your skin type, hygiene, makeup routine.)

  • This procedure is quite popular as it combines both MicroBlading and MicroShading leaving a flawless natural look for our clients.
  • Great for any skin-types even oily
  • Ideal for eyebrow correction/recovery & definition
  • Best healed natural-looking results
  • Highly Recommended for Brow Longevity
  • Also a very good option for more mature & thinner skin-types

!NB: If You Have Previously Microbladed/Microshaded Eyebrows From Someone Else, Please Contact us Before Booking.

CAD $700/3.5Hrs

Service Includes 1 FREE Perfecting Touch Up! (Deposit Required)


Fusion brows are our unique combination of Microblading and Microshading with our custom technique giving you a revitalizing individual strokes of microblading yet airbrushed depthness & finish of Microshading. This procedure is quite popular as it combines both HD MicroBlading and MicroShading leaving a flawless look for our clients.

Every client is treated to a personalized Iconbrows Fusion Brows service created just for their shape, skin, style, and suitability. There is no one-size-fits-all where your eyebrows are involved. We establish what you hope to achieve from your service, get an insight into your makeup routine and lifestyle, and give you the best options for your brows.

Did you know that your brows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features? Not only are your eyes a strong visual communicator but Iconbrows Perfect Brows can make you look put-together on a makeup free day.

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With Iconbrows you are not only getting a professional service with the best supplies, tools & styles, but also an experienced team with a history of over 7+ years in the beauty industry working in various corners of the world learning and adapting our methodology and techniques to achieve the best possible and long-lasting results for our clients.

Because of limited availability & periods of high demand, we recommend booking your spot well in advance to ensure you get an appointment to enhance your beauty asap with Iconbrows - Brow & Lash Perfection.