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How Iconbrows Training Works

Here you can find some basic information to give you an overview of how our training programs are generally designed and layed out to ensure you get the maximum return for your investment. If you have any further questions always feel free to contact us directly.

Iconbrows Training programs are designed to give you the exact knowledge and information you need to achieve success.

At Iconbrows we have spent years developing very in-depth training programs where the focus is for you to learn the actual real techniques with a very hand-on approach using live model learning. We want our students to spend their time learning the techniques and the processes of the services rather than just sitting and watching a speaker in a large group where they cannot even ask questions or get personal guidance.

We also have many students come to us after having spent not only several thousands but also several days sitting in classrooms with 9 or more other students, where they barely gained any knowledge and experience in doing the service they were learning, and express appreciation and gratitude for finally training them properly so that they actually understand the process and learn to properly perform the techniques for the service.

With Iconbrows, Your education is prioritized to ensure you can properly perform the services you will learn and that you can start offering the services yourself as soon as possible to get the ever-growing return on your investment with Iconbrows training programs.

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How To Book In Your Training Spot

You can book your pmu training or beauty training spot simply by going to one of the offered training programs on our website: and selecting the program you are interested to join. Once you find a training program you are interested in, simply follow the steps in the booking form:

Step 01. Your Contact Details

Fill in your contact information so that we know who you are and how to contact you.

Step 02. Your Training Choices

Select the dates and days that work best for you and we will contact you with available training spots within those choices. In the case we cannot find an exact match we will offer something similar and reach out to find alternatives that work best for you.

Step 03. Addons & Payment

Do you want to book more trainings or add on any optional kits or products we offer for a specific training program? Then you can do that during step 3. Once you have selected your addons, you can decide if you want to pay a deposit, pay the full balance in advance or try to apply for financing.

After completing your payment you will be registered and contacted by us to give you options for dates and available times for your training.

PMU Permanent Makeup Training

Iconbrows offers the most modern and advanced techniques in PMU permanent make up. Not only will you you learn the right pathways to execute these techniques and services but you will also extend your confidence and understanding on the various skills and motions needed to get great results and happy clients. We offer various PMU training courses for you to choose from:

2 Day Microblading Beginners Course

This 2-Day Live Model Microblading Training Course in Toronto will prepare you to create high quality work and get a solid foundation to start your PMU career. Over 2 days, you will move through the basics of the craft and learn the art of Microblading with our expert advice. This course is suitable for all levels, from beginners who want to start their PMU careers to experienced and advanced PMU artists who want to refresh and learn Iconbrows specific techniques and styles for Microblading. Read more about this 2 day microblading course by clicking here.

2 Day MicroShading Course

Learn how to create beautiful make-up ready eyebrows within just 2 days with our Microshading course here in Toronto. You will learn the basics of the Powder & Ombre technique, such as machine handling, brow patterns, shaping and mapping. You also have a option to get our recommended Premium PMU kit with our personally selected PMU Machine. Read more about this 2 day microshading course by clicking here.

3 Day Microblading & Shading Course

Learn both methods of PMU brow artistry, Microblading and Shading in 3 days with our in-depth in-person live model course. Not only will you be able to create beautiful natural-looking eyebrows with Microblading but also create make-up ready eyebrows with crisp clean designs. Read more about this 3 day microblading & shading course by clicking here.

1 Day Advanced Fusion Brows Course

This 1-Day advanced course is designed for students who are already experienced in microblading and/or microshading and want to learn the art of the perfect brow: Fusion Brows by Iconbrows. We will go through the technique and style we have developed to achieve hyper-realistic natural-looking eyebrows that you can begin to offer to your own clients. Read more about this 1 day advanced fusion brows course by clicking here.

4 Day PMU Training Package

This training package is designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a Iconbrows PMU Master over a intensive 4-Day schedule. You will not only learn the beauty of Microblading and Microshading, but also learn how to create Hyper-Realistic natural-looking eyebrows with our Unique Fusion Brows service. Read more about this 4 day permanent makeup training package by clicking here.

Invest in yourself and book your PMU Training course to become a Iconbrows Certified Permanent Make-Up Artist. Gain Financial Security, Independence, Confidence and Growth!

Brow Artist Training

We have been designing and shaping eyebrows for over 10 years with over 5,000 happy clients. Iconbrows Threading & Shaping service is considered one of the best in Toronto. We have trained with and adapted skills from brow experts all over the world to bring our clients and students the best pathways to achieve eyebrow perfection. Below are some of the training programs we offer for you to add to your offerings to your own path to become a Iconbrows Certified Brow Artist:

1 Day Threading & Shaping Course

Eyebrow threading & shaping is a crucial skill to become a successful brow artist. Not only will Iconbrows threading & shaping course help you learn how to become financially successful, but you will also learn how to properly shape and design eyebrows with crisp and clean precision. Learning eyebrow threading & shaping can open up various career opportunities. Read more about this 1 day threading and shaping course by clicking here.

1 Day Brow Lamination Course

Learn how to create beautiful smooth, feathery and full eyebrows with Iconbrows Brow Lamination & Brow Tinting! Our 1-day Course is designed to give you a proper hands-on education to ensure you are ready to provide this service to your own neighborhoods & gain repeat clients who fall in love with this service. Read more about this 1 day eyebrow lamination course by clicking here.

2 Day Brow Master Course

Get The Complete Iconbrows Brow Master Training Experience With our Brow Lamination & Tinting Training Course Followed by Our Henna, Threading & Shaping Training, Allowing You to Get Three Skillsets That Are The Highest Quality Services in The Brow Industry, All In One Discounted Package Deal.. Read more about this 2 day brow master package course by clicking here.

Lash Artist Training

The lash industry is a ever-growing industry worth billions, eyelashes will always be one of the most sought after services for beauty needs. Iconbrows have developed techniques and services that give longer lasting and better holding lashes that our clients love. Below are some of the eyelash training programs we offer here in Toronto, Canada:

1 Day Lash Lift & Lash Tint Course

Learn the right way to apply lash lifting serums & products correctly and get your income flowing with our step by step instructions & advice. We will walk you through the treatment in consistent steps to ensure you learn the skills required to push yourself to the next level. Elevate yourself and gain financial independence through dedicating yourself to this ever-lasting and expanding industry. Read more about this 1 day eyelash lift & eyelash tint course by clicking here.

2 Day Lash Extensions Course

The Iconbrows 2-Day Lash Extensions Course is designed to teach you the complete steps to eyelash extensions treatment. You will gain the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to start offering lash extensions immediately in various styles from Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega, Russian, Cat, Doll and more. Read more about this 2 day eyelash extensions training course by clicking here.