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Iconbrows Brow & Lash Perfection is a premium eyebrow and eyelash service provider in Toronto, GTA Canada. Developed and established to bring beauty services like eyebrow microblading, eyebrow microshading, eyelash extensions, eyelash lift and tints, eyebrow henna and eyebrow lamination and other beauty services to surrounding clients in the Greater Toronto Area, with our primary location being in Etobicoke M8V 0C8, Ontario Canada. We offer some of the best eyebrow and eyelash services with our internationally trained brow and lash experts professionally developed service pathways to ensure our clients achieve a beauty result that is the most optimal and effective for their needs and wants.

Permanent Makeup Services like microblading and microshading are some of the most sought after and wanted services that we provider here at Iconbrows - Brow & Lash Perfection. Our team has developed some of the most advanced and safe pathways to create beautiful hyper-realistic natural looking eyebrows that not only help define and shape your face in elevated beauty but also ensures you are getting a premium result and safe outcome from professionally trained experts. Microblading in toronto is becoming more and more desired, and our Iconbrows True HDi Fusion Brows is a unique method and style of blend of microblading and microshading designed to not only give our clients beautiful brows, but also give them hyper-realistic natural looking brows that they can get here in Toronto, Ontario at our primary location in Etobicoke, Ontario M8V 0C8.

This page has our Iconbrows Brow Helper Matrix, that is designed to help people that are unsure which service they want from eyebrow microblading or ombre brows to brow henna and brow lamination by asking them a series of questions to determine which service would suit their needs and wants the best.