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Why Train with Iconbrows

At Iconbrows we have spent years developing very in-depth training programs where the focus is for you to learn the actual real techniques with a very hand-on approach using live model learning rather than watching online videos.

Transformative education that transcends technique.

The main goal behind the creation of Iconbrows Training Academy was to provide a platform for women, much like ourselves, who have a desired to embark on entrepreneurial journeys while working in an industry they are truly passionate about while achieving financial success and security. There is nothing more fulfilling than dedicating ourselves to giving women confidence and uplifting self-esteem through our services and be financially rewarded for providing those services.

At the heart of Iconbrows is the belief that beauty is more than skin deep. It is an art, a transcendent pathway to self-empowerment.

Iconbrows Training Methodology Book.
Lash Extensions Training With Iconbrows In Downtown Toronto Venue.
Microblading training with Iconbrows in Toronto.
PMU Eyebrow design training course in toronto ontario canada.

Our Training Methodology

Iconbrows courses are designed with the student in focus. Our goal is to provide you with the right tools and education that many others do not really divulge or explain in as much depth and detail as we do, so that you can pursue your goals and achieve your plans for success in the beauty industry. We break down our curriculum into 3 essential parts: theory, live model learning and personal growth. We dont just want you to get the information you need, we want you to understand its application and techniques and subtle hand-movements and actions needed to actually achieve the results that make your own clients happy and satisfied.

We want to prepare our students both mentally and physically for an extraordinary journey that guides towards self-empowerment, self-improvement and financial success.

Our unique approach seamlessly blends comprehensive theory with immersive hands-on experience through our live model learning training programs, empowering you to not only understand beauty but excel in applying the services correctly and successfully.

Join us and embark on a life-changing educational adventure that will set you on the path to become an exceptional beauty professional.