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Eyelash Services

Wether you need Lash Extensions from Classic Beauty to Volume Glam, or a Lash Lift & Lash Tint to bring out the beauty of your natural lashes, simply book online and let Iconbrows help you achieve your dream look!

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IconBrows Service Main Image LashLift Natural Lash Enhancement

Natural Lash Lift

A natural, and low maintenance substitute to Lash Extensions. Iconbrows LashLift + Tint acts as an instant root lift for your natural lashes, while giving a flourishing and durable coat to nourish your lashes. We usually recommend our clients come in every six weeks for this service.

IconBrows Service Main Image - Eyelash Extensions Classic Hybrid & Volume Lash Eyelash Extensions in Toronto

Lash Extensions

Whether you are heading to work, at the gym, swimming at the beach or pool, performing in a theater, pub or club, or rolling out of a tent at a festival after a big night and about to hit the stage for an early performance: regardless of my headspace, or hair, or general smell - you're eyes are always glammed up & ready to roll.

IconBrows Service Main Image Incredible Eyeliner

PMU Eyeliner

Iconbrows PMU Cosmetic Eyeliner is the perfect solution for those who find it time consuming to apply make-up every morning. Not only is it great for those who want to save time that adds up, but also a great solution for the active lady or really anyone who wants a natural enhancement to their eyes.