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Eyebrow Services

Let Iconbrows handle those unruly out of control bushy brows! Iconbrows offers various services to help you achieve your eyebrow perfection. From threading and tinting to microblading and microshading, we at Iconbrows know how to perfect those eyebrows.

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Natural Eyebrow Threading & Shaping

Iconbrows Choice for Eyebrow Grooming: Threading a Natural, Fast and Gentle Hair Removal Process which originated from the Middle East. It utilizes a thread which is twisted back and forth along the skin, creating beautifully groomed brows with enhanced definition and fabulous shape without the use of any toxins or chemicals.

Iconbrows Signature Brow Perfecting Sculpt + Free Tint is a multi-part service that precisely design, align, shape & tint your brows to your desired shape and style. Tint is optional.

Signature Brow Perfecting Sculpt + Tint

Our Eyebrow Specialist will precisely design, align, shape & tint your brows.Includes an in-depth eyebrow shaping and a free optional eyebrow tint. If you are unsure what to do with your eyebrows, we recommend this service to help you find the perfect shape for your brows.

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Brow Lamination

Iconbrows Brow Lamination is a process that strengthens the brow hairs upwards to create a brushed up, fluffy effect. It’s perfect for those who have brow hairs that curl or grow in irregular directions, have gaps because of this, or who simply want a fuller brushed up look.

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Henna Brows

Do you love getting your eyebrows tinted but wish the effects would last longer? Then Henna Brows at Iconbrows may just be the answer! Henna Brows can last on the skin for up to 3 weeks and on the brow hair for up to 6 weeks.

IconBrows Service Main Image Fusion Brows Amazing Eyebrow transformation

True HDi Fusion Brows

IconStyle™ True HDi Fusion brows are our unique combination of Microblading and Microshading with our personal technique giving you a revitalizing 3D yet airbrushed finish. This procedure is quite popular as it combines both True HD MicroBlading and MicroShading leaving a flawless hyper-realistic natural look for our clients.

IconBrows Service Main Image Nano Brows Best Nano Brows in Toronto

NEW: Nano Brows

Nano Brows is the ideal technique to get your eyebrows perfected with the most modern technique available in PMU. If you are looking for a softer natural-looking eyebrow finish that makes your brows thicker, fluffier and more full, then Nano Brows may be the perfect solution for you! Nano Brows is a great alternative to Microblading.

Microblading Permanent Makeup Service - Toronto, Etobicoke

True HD Microblading

Iconbrows provides a True HD Microblading Service where we utilize carefully selected manual hand-held tools to make bespoke individual precise strokes gently into the skin tissue to give you a natural looking brow correction/transformation that will not only rejuvinate your look but increase your confidence. This Iconbrows True HD Microblading Service achieves a natural and hyperrealistic look.

IconBrows Service Main Image Ombre Powdered Brows For all skin types even oily

Ombrè/Powdered Brows

Iconbrows Ombrè | Powdered - (MicroShading) Brows is the “megapixel technique” recommended for people with oily skin and those who wish to achieve fashionable Ombrè / Powder Eyebrow Makeup Effect. This treatment is performed with permanent makeup device and a special needle ultra-thin nano-needle that only touches the top layer of the skin. The result last from 1-3 years.