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Eyebrow Correction / Cover Up

Bring Back Life To Your Brows

This is The Service For Those Who Have Had Microblading/Shading Done Before By Others.

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Eyebrow PMU Correction / Cover Up

This service is only for NEW CLIENTS who already have had Microblading or Microshading done from other providers or studios than Iconbrows and wish for us to correct, cover up, refresh & update the previous work done elsewhere. If you have never had microblading or microshading done on your eyebrows before, please select the other PMU services listed on our website.

We will review the current state of your eyebrows and suggest the type of corrections and amount of touch ups needed to achieve your dream brows.

!NB: This Service is ONLY For NEW Clients Who Have Previously Microbladed/Microshaded Eyebrows From Someone Else. If You Are Looking To Improve Your Virgin Brows, Please Book A Fusion Brows, Microblading or Microshading Appointment.


Get 100$ OFF PMU Correction/Cover-Up

Limited Time Only - Regular Price: CAD $900

CAD $787.5/3.5Hrs

1 Free Touch Up Included (Small Deposit Required)

Cost Varies/2.5hrs

Iconbrows Eyebrow Correction / Cover Up begins with carefully reviewing the state of your current brows, asking questions about your routine, your preferences and desired look and mapping out a layout of your new brows and pathway to achieve your dream brows. We aim to rectify, correct and improve the appearance of previously done eyebrow PMUs. Hundreds of clients have used Iconbrows to update and improve their eyebrows after being dissatisfied with the shape, experiencing color fading or irregular pigmentation. We determine the best approach and pathway to get you your dream brows based on your specific case.

It is important for clients to have a realistic expectation when considering eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow PMU correction or cover up, as the outcome of the service can depend on the conditions of the previous work done on the eyebrows, the specific skin-type and other unique factors. You may require more than 1 touch up to achieve your dream brows, so we recommend you reach out for a easy consultation to ensure you have a clear view of what to expect.

Did you know that your brows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features? Not only are your eyes a strong visual communicator but Iconbrows Perfect Brows can make you look put-together on a makeup free day.

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With Iconbrows you are not only getting a professional service with the best supplies, tools & styles, but also an experienced team with a history of over 7+ years in the beauty industry working in various corners of the world learning and adapting our methodology and techniques to achieve the best possible and long-lasting results for our clients.

Because of limited availability & periods of high demand, we recommend booking your spot well in advance to ensure you get an appointment to enhance your beauty asap with Iconbrows - Brow & Lash Perfection.