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Eyelash Extensions

Get Fuller Longer Lashes

Handmade Fans to beautify those gorgeous eyes that enhances their beauty and vitality.

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Lash Extensions

Eyelash Service

Premium Handmade Lash Extensions Attached to Your Natural Lashes One by One, Using a Special Premium Adhesive Made for This Procedure. A Full Set on Average Will Retain About Half the Amount of Lashes at Three to Four Weeks. If You Don't Replace the Extensions That Have Fallen Off, the Remaining False Lashes Will Continue to Shed Over Time. The More Lash Extensions You Have on, the Longer It Lasts. Some Clients May Experience Better Retention While Others May Not, Depending on the Strength and Texture of Your Natural Lashes, Your Makeup Routine, and Lifestyle, and the Way You Care for Your Eyelash Extensions.

  • Classic Beauty - Lashes That Are Usually the Same or Slightly Thicker Than Your Natural Lashes. Natural & Well Defined Lashes That Look Like Your Original Lashes With Mascara on, but Fuller and Longer.
  • Volume Glam - Lashes That Are Much Finer Type of Eyelash, Often 2-3x Thinner and Lighter Than Your Natural Lashes. Beautiful Full Lash Line That Isn't Heavy and Still Be Very Natural Looking.
  • Hybrid Charmer - Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Are a Combination of Using Both Classic and Volume Type of Lashes Creating a Beautiful Result.
  • Spend Less Time Getting Ready & Save More Money on Make-up
  • InFills Are Recommended Every 2-3 Weeks.

!NB: If You Have Eyelash Extensions With Under 50% Retention of Lashes or Have Lashes From Elsewhere, Please Book A New Set.

CAD $120/1.5Hrs

Tax already included in price! (Deposit Required)


Whether you are heading to work, at the gym, swimming at the beach or pool, performing in a theater, pub, or club, or rolling out of a tent at a festival after a big night and about to hit the stage for an early performance: regardless of my headspace, or hair, or general smell - you're eyes are always glammed up & ready to roll.

Lash Extensions: InFills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Our Lash Extensions take anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours.

Eyelashes are a prominent part of your face, and you might not realize this, but their shape and color can dictate your whole look.

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