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Toronto's Best Kept Secret, Iconbrows - Lash & Eyebrow Studio Specalizing in Microblading & Natural Lash Lift.

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Iconbrows Professional Eyebrows Microblading & Shading - Top Brow & Lash Services in Toronto

Eyebrow Microblading & Shading Services in Toronto, Specializing in True HD Bespoke Hairstrokes & Natural-Looking Perfection.

Iconbrows ceo Tara Bains

Modern Masterlevel Eyebrow Artistry

Iconbrows was created to provide modern exceptional beauty services that not only improves the natural beauty of our clients but also helps them gain confidence and strength through their beauty. Iconbrows CEO & beauty expert Tara Bains, has travelled and trained with various trainers educators and artists around the world to gain the in-depth expertise, knowledge & experience to create a natural modern style and skillset. Her wish was to create a beauty studio to allow Iconbrows clients to feel the comfort of a relaxed luxurious private environment, with reduced stress and exposure, while offering clients a truly high level finished result. Iconbrows prides itself to announce that over the years we have helped countless women achieve higher beauty standards and growth in confidence, aesthetics and general life perception.

Iconbrows offer various services such as Eyebrow Microblading & Microshading which are an ever-growing popular service here in Toronto, Etobicoke, Lakeshore, and Surrounding neighborhoods, among women who want to highlight their eyebrows and give them a natural, full look without permanent makeup or spending hours every week penciling in their eyebrows. Iconbrows specializes in creating, enhancing, and replicating true HDi hyper-realistic eyebrows that leave you with enhanced premium natural-looking eyebrows. We have helped many customers in rejuvenating their look and boosting up their level of confidence and beauty.

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With Iconbrows you are not only getting a professional service with the best supplies, tools & styles, but also an experienced team with a history of over 7+ years in the beauty industry working in various corners of the world learning and adapting our methodology and techniques to achieve the best possible and long-lasting results for our clients.

Because of limited availability & periods of high demand, we recommend booking your spot well in advance to ensure you get an appointment to enhance your beauty asap with Iconbrows - Brow & Lash Perfection.