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Private Training Package:

5-Day Complete PMU Training

5-Day Iconbrows Complete Permanent Makeup Training Package

Training Package

Limited Time Only Sale - Get 20% OFF!

$7,200 CAD

with taxes included.
Previous Price: $9,000 CAD

Get The Complete Iconbrows PMU Training Experience With our 5-Day Microblading & Shading Training Course Followed by Our Unique Advanced True HDi Fusion Brows Training, Allowing You to Get Three Skillsets That Are The Highest Quality Services in The PMU Industry, All In One Package Deal.

What You Will Learn:
  • Microblading & Shading Theory
  • Fusion Brows Theory
  • True HD Microblading Techniques & Styles
  • Microshading Techniques & Styles
  • Fusion Brows Techniques & Styles
  • Colour & Pigment Theory
  • Pre-Care & After-Care Requirements
  • Iconbrows Brow Mapping & Brow Design
  • How to Pick The Right Shape For Any Client
  • How to Pick The Right Colour for Any Client
  • How To Set Up Your Station
  • Equipment Sterilization & Hygiene Processes
  • Starting Your Six-Figure Business & Getting Clients
  • Full Professional Fusion Brows Kit
  • and Much Much More..
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Complete PMU Permanent Makeup Course for 5 Days in Toronto, Ontario
Iconbrows Academy Toronto's Top Brow & Lash Training Courses Live Model Training Etobicoke

Live Model Learning

Take a front row seat and get hands on experience and advice from start to finish! You will get to see the exact step by step process of the True HD Microblading Procedure. We break down the process in easy to understand segments so that you can feel confident with your own clients and execute this procedure from start to finish!

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    Are you interested in career in Permanent Makeup & Beauty Industry but don’t know where to start?

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    Are you tired of wasting time & money with large group trainings where you barely get any feedback or advice?

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    Are you looking for expert industry insight, advice & tips that can give you a pathway to freedom and financial security?

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    Are you tired of always having to reschedule or miss out on personal and family events to work 9-5 for other companies?

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    Are you interested in a career where you control your own time & schedule without having to worry about finances?

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    Are you looking for Industry Experts to guide you through the RIGHT steps to become profitable in the industry?

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    Are you tired of Industry Seminars and Online Video Trainings that leave you lacking in understanding & skill?

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    Are you looking to refresh your skills and knowledge, learn more services to offer to your growing client list?

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    Are you looking for a career that you can do from anyplace anywhere, even from your own home?

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    Are you interested in starting your own beauty business providing quality expert level services?


Be In Control Of Your Financial Future

Iconbrows Professional Training allows you the freedom to be your own boss!

Iconbrows Professional Training Courses not only give you the tools & information you need to become independent, but also guides you towards the right direction for your unique path to achieve success and growth that will enhance your life and give you opportunities to pursue your goals beyond the tiresome constraints of a 9-5 job.

Want to enjoy a lunch with your best friend or see your children & family during the day? You can schedule your work day any way you want. Want to make enough money that you can enjoy vacations every other month? This industry allows you unlimited financial growth opportunities. Want to do something that not only makes you happy, but also allows you to help your clients feel and look better? Iconbrows Professional Training allows you to help others feel beautiful & confident.

  • Be in Control, Be The Boss!
  • Set Your Schedule, Around Your Time!
  • Work From Anywhere, Even Home!
  • Start Earning Right Away!
  • Invest In Yourself And Grow!
Iconbrows Professional Training allows you the freedom to be your own boss!
Iconbrows Professional Training allows you the freedom to be your own boss!
Iconbrows Professional Training allows you the freedom to be your own boss!

Learn From Industry Experts

We want you to gain the best outcome from your investment!

Iconbrows was developed to bring international level quality services to the canadian marketplace. We have not only trained with brow and lash experts in Canada, but we also have experience from Europe, Middle East, And East Asia. Our goal was to bring together the best techniques and styles to develop unique Iconbrows IconSTYLE processes that are designed to give the best possible outcomes.

Our focus is on making sure our students learn the correct way to get started and start earning as soon as possible. We customize and design the courses based on each individuals needs and best methods of learning so to maximize the return for your investment. Our comprehensive training courses ensure you can meet the soaring demand that is continuously growing in the 20+ Billion USD beauty industry.

We are passionate about elevating industry standards in delivering exceptional permanent makeup, eyebrow and eyelash treatments to continue the growth of consumer demand. We at Iconbrows - Eyebrow Perfection | Professional Microblading, achieve this by focusing on up-skilling our students with the right tools and knowledge to deliver the best possible services to ensure that all their clients are pleased with their results.

  • We offer modern expert techniques.
  • We have background and experience from every corner of the globe.
  • No prior cosmetology or esthetician license required.
  • Gain a promising career with the potential to increase your income dramatically.
  • Private hands-on training conducted by working professionals.
  • Live demonstration & practice on models.
  • See The Exact Steps We Take For Successful Services.
  • We offer extra days for those that want to learn more.
  • Continuous support and professional advice.
Iconbrows Professional Training allows you the freedom to be your own boss!
Iconbrows Professional Training allows you the freedom to be your own boss!
Iconbrows Professional Training allows you the freedom to be your own boss!

Annual Income Projection

at $495 - $660 per new client when starting. (Tips Not Included)
2 Appointments per week
$49,500 - $66,000

You Can Potentially Earn This Much Every Year

5 Appointments per week
$123,750 - $165,000

You Can Potentially Earn This Much Every Year

12 Appointments per week
$297,000 - $396,000

You Can Potentially Earn This Much Every Year

This industry is a $20 Billion dollar industry that is growing and becoming more and more in demand every year. Not only can your investment into this training lead to financial security it can also allow you to achieve financial prosperity in a few years rather than decades. Invest in yourself and your future by starting your journey with Iconbrows Professional Training - The Right Way to Achieve Success!

Course Overview

What you can expect in this professional training course
Course Cost:

Limited Time Only Sale
$7,200 CAD,
with taxes included.
Previous Price: $9,000 CAD

Training Level:

Suitable for Any Levels, From Beginners To Advanced Students


Full Professional Kit Included with everything you need.


Pay in 4 Easy Interest-Free Installments of $1,800 CAD

Course Requirements

Who Can Take This Course?

  • Anyone with a Positive Outlook & Genuine Dedication To Learn
  • Our course is fully comprehensive and open to all, whether you are a beauty professional looking to learn a new skill, looking to update your technique or if you are completely new to the industry and looking to start the correct way.

What Do You Need To Take This Course?

  • Dress Code: Neat Casual (Black Preferably)
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • 4 Suitable Models for Step-By-Step Supervised Training.
    (Models can also be provided)

Available Dates:

  • Fill Out The Form Below & Let Us Know Your Ideal Dates & Course Options And We Will Get Back To You With Available Dates For Your Desired Training Courses.



  • Day 01: 10AM - 6PM (Lunch included)
  • Day 02: 10AM - 6PM (Lunch included)
  • Day 03: 10AM - 6PM (Lunch included)
  • Day 04: 10AM - 6PM (Lunch included)
  • Day 05: 10AM - 4PM (Lunch included)
  • (PS: The schedule can be changed to fit your needs. If weekends work better, or if you need to take breaks in between, we will try to work with your schedule.)

Key Points:

  • Anatomy, Health & Sanitation Refresher
  • Iconbrows Signature Methods of Perfect Brows
  • Eyebrow Shaping, Mapping & Outlining.
  • Correct Depth, Hand Motion & Grip
  • Different Methods of Creating Perfect Brows
  • Iconbrows Microblading Designs & Techniques
  • Iconbrows Shading Designs & Techniques
  • Iconbrows Fusion Brows Designs & Techniques
  • Personal Supervision on Live Model Training
  • Live Model Demonstrations by Our Expert Staff
  • Q&A To Answer All Your Questions

!Important: Iconbrows Private Training Courses are designed to give you the best pathway to success, we adapt the course to each individuals speed of learning and need of focus. Our goal is to make sure you learn the best way possible for you to achieve your goals.

Professional Permanent Makeup Kit

  • Premium Pigments
  • Pigment Rings
  • Micro Swabs
  • Microblading Blades
  • Iconbrows Approved Pen & Tools
  • Skin Pencils
  • GR Compass
  • Measuring Caliper
  • And More...

3 Professional Training Manuals

  • In-depth full professional training manuals for Microblading, Microshading & Fusion Brows with demonstrations, examples, helpful tips, secret advice and other information you can always come back to and seek for advice and help with your clients.

Professional Consultation & Consent Forms

  • You will get ready-to-print consultation and consent forms that you can use for your own growing business and clients.

3 Professional Certificates

  • 1 Framed Professional Microblading Certificate
  • 1 Framed Professional Shading Certificate
  • 1 Framed Professional Fusion Brows Certificate
  • Access to Unlimited Digital Versions
  • Unlimited access to Iconbrows exclusive professionals only forum with other students and experts full of questions & answers, insightful discussions and helpful tips & advice.
  • Access to direct messaging support with Iconbrows Experts.
  • Access to extra training days with exclusive discounts.
  • Access to exclusive discounts with digital marketing and website agencies.
  • All students must be 18 years of age, or older to register.
  • If you are unable to attend your class after you have made your deposit, you may transfer your deposit toward a future class date.
  • Please Note: You are signing up for an professional course with high standards, thus your practice and serious attention to detail is required.
  • This is only a general course overview and the content is subject to change.
Microblading Training with Iconbrows Academy Toronto's Top Permanent Makeup Courses

and more..

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