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Is Microblading Worth The Money?

Date of Publish: 2022-08-20

Over the last few years people have increased their focus on self-care and beauty-care with a natural look. Maybe the pandemic is partly responsible as we have had to cover half our faces with a mask leading to people spending more time and focus on makeup-free ways to show their natural beauty of their eyes and eyebrows. In the past trends of the 90s and 2000s where eyebrows were smaller and thinner, we now look for ways to embolden the brows and make them more full and formed, giving your face a overall lift and youthfulness.

Eyebrow microblading has become one of the most sought after and modern ways to approach achieving such eyebrow fullness and definition. But many get scared off by their misinformed idea of the process and the cost. Is microblading the right solution for everyone? Is microblading worth the cost? We will help you understand why Iconbrows Eyebrow True HD Microblading may just be the right solution for you!

Defined, Full Brows Have Become More Important for Beauty Symmetry.

Your eyebrows are a essential part of creating a facial symmetry to show not only your natural beauty but also ensure you look put-together even on those makeup-free days. They say the eyes are the window to your soul, then eyebrows are the pristine flowing curtains that frame those windows. Its no suprise that eyebrows can make or break your face. Having eyebrows that are too thin, terribly shaped or too bushy can take you from a 10 to a 2 real quick. And especially in the pandemic times, they are the first things anyone notice about you.

For many the battle for their perfect brows is a uphill fight, whether it is hair loss through aging, or genetical issues that lead to less or improper hair growth to just running wild with the tweezers to thin the eyebrows from following past trends. We have seen and heard all types of stories and issues from countless women about their eyebrows, and how much difference they saw and felt after a brow transformation with Iconbrows.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where you will get the appearance of more prominent, more defined fuller eyebrows. It is done with a special tool made to make tiny incisions in the upper epidermal layer of the skin alongside the deposit of pigment to give tiny hairlike lines in your eyebrows. With Iconbrows True HD Microblading our goal is to create natural-looking results that look like your original natural brow hairs while giving our clients the look, shape and style they want. It allows you to achieve the dream brows you have always wanted within just a few hours. You may have never thought you would need microblading for your eyebrows and wondered what the cost of microblading is or if microblading eyebrows is even worth it, but once you have your new eyebrows you will wish you had done it much sooner.

What Are The Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading?

There are multiple reasons why eyebrow microblading is not only growing in popularity around the world but also earning the trust of beauty experts and make-up artists recommending these type of semi-permanent services and treatments for your eyebrows. Iconbrows True HD Microblading works and it's 100% worth it. Let's take a closer look at the benefits included in getting your eyebrows microbladed with Iconbrows.

Natural Looking Thicker & Fuller Eyebrows

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror and thought "I wish I had thicker/fuller more defined eyebrows"? With Iconbrows True HD Microbladed eyebrows, you can give your natural brows a much-needed makeover by gaining the perfect shape and style you have always dreamed of.

Save Money By Avoiding Expensive Eyebrow Products

Have you ever wondered how much you are spending on your brow products every year? With Iconbrows True HD Microblading, you won't need a brow pencil, brow powder or pomade to get your brows looking the way you want. From the moment you wake up, your new eyebrows will look flawless and save you the cost of buying hundreds of dollars worth of makeup.

Save Time Getting Ready In The Morning & Fixing Up Your Brows

Imagine how many minutes you spend a day on just applying and re-applying makeup to your eyebrows. With brow microblading your daily routine gets so much easier. In addition to the money you will save, you will also gain back back a considerable amount of time every day.

Microbladed Eyebrows That Last Longer Than You Think

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup solution, so it will fade over time. With Iconbrows True HD Microblading, your new eyebrows can last between 1-3 years and with yearly or bi-annual touchups they can last even longer. You won't have to worry about them smudging when you go swimming, when you touch them, or even while sweating during the gym or in a hot day.

A Quick & Painless Process

Microblading is a two-part process that takes on average between 2-4 hours. We use a premium numbing agent to ensure it is painless and stress-free. Many of our clients end up falling asleep on the chair as we finish designing your new eyebrows.

"Iconbrows True HD Microblading is one of the best beauty decisions I've ever made!" - Jane M. from Toronto

Our clients continously tell us how much they love their new Iconbrows eyebrows, here is just one our recent clients experience with Iconbrows True HD Microblading in our Toronto studio.

I had learned about microblading from a friend of mine who had her eyebrows done, she looked so amazing and her advice and experience really helped me decide to go forward with this decision. She recommended Iconbrows located in Etobicoke, Toronto, and said Tara was the best in the business. I was so anxious before my appointment but Tara made me feel so relaxed and was absolutely so kind and patient in explaining every step and process to the service for me. I was suprised at how fast the time went by, and was excited to see my new eyebrows. They looked amazing! My original eyebrows were a bit thin from overplucking and i lacked hairs in the middle of my face, but Tara made my brows look perfect and still natural looking.

I am very serious when it comes to my apperance, I don't allow just anyone to work on my face and I always voice my oppinion honestly if I don't like the results but Tara made me look much better than I could ever imagine. We had mapped out a shape during the consultation before she began doing the procedure, but the end-result was still a very happy suprise. I immediately looked more vibrant and younger, and once i got home all my friends kept commenting how amazing I looked.

After going through the healing process and having my Perfecting Touch-Up done, I finally have my dream brows. I no longer need to fill in my brows, had more time to get ready in the morning, and even on days where I wanted to be extra lazy and not wear makeup, my new eyebrows make me look pretty good with just some powder. I also don't have to worry about enjoying the building pool or working out without having my makeup run down my face. I can't beleive how much Iconbrows Microblading has helped me over the last year. Its truly a game-changing opportunity, and I chose perfectly with Tara and Iconbrows. Microblading is definitely worth it!

So, Is Microblading Worth The Cost?

Ultimately the decision will be yours to make, but we hope by reading through this post you have learned a bit about the benefits and opportunity you have with eyebrow microblading. Our goal at Iconbrows is to create beautiful brows for beautiful people, to build confidence and improve lives. Our True HD Microblading is a delicate procedure done by true expert brow professionals that can truly improve your life, you can rest easy knowing that you are having your eyebrows microbladed by Masterlevel Brow Artists with experience in all shapes, shades and sizes.

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