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How to correct cover up PMU Tattooed Eyebrows by iconbrows - Professional Microblading in Toronto, Ontario M8V 0C8

How To Correct Cover Up PMU Tattooed Eyebrows

Date of Publish: 2023-10-29

Have you had PMU done by other artists and studios that have faded, become a dull shade of salmon or blurred over the years into a dark or gray block? Then worry no more, because Iconbrows - Professional Microblading in Toronto, Canada can help you correct and cover up those issues and give you back your dream brows.


PMU Corrections

Majority of people who get PMU permanent makeup procedures are satisfied with their results, but with the rise of inexperienced and under-qualified PMU practicioners offering PMU services increasing, there will also be more people whose results didn't turn out as they had hoped.

If you are one of those who are less than happy (maybe even horrified) with the results of your permanent makeup outcome, you don't have to panic! There are solutions to deal with micropigmentation problems.


Colour Correction

Iconbrows specializes in correcting those unnatural colours of orange, blue, pink, grey, red or green and we bring your eyebrows back to a natural color that matches your hair and skin-tone by applying corrective pigments.

Iconbrows has extensive knowledge in colour theory and experience in how to properly neutralize the unwanted pgiment towards a natural and complimentary tone. The improvements are usually immediately noticeable, but through the healing process the tone of the new colours will gradually settle and stabilize, leading to a potential revaluation to determine the neccesity of another touch up session to improve coverage and increase intensity of the new tone. There are unfortunately those who have had very badly done PMU that are left with black or dark saturated pigment who have no choice but to seek a tattoo removal first before we can give you back your natural-looking eyebrows.


Shape Correction

Although PMU has the word permanent in it, there are still corrective options to unwanted and badly done eyebrow shapes. Iconbrows corrective and cover-up service can reshape the design of your previously done eyebrows towards a more symmetrical shape that gives your face the natural balance it deserves. However the shape corrections may require more than 1 or 2 visits depending on the density of the shape, the intensity of the colour and the time since you had your eyebrows services by someone other than Iconbrows.

How To Book a PMU Correction / Cover-Up

Simply go to our service page for PMU correction and cover-up and book your appointment by clicking the 'Book Now' button, selecting the available date and time that works with your schedule and paying a small deposit to hold your spot in our schedule. Once you are booked in we will walk through every step with you during your appointment to determine the best pathway to restore and rebuild your eyebrows to the perfect state they deserve to be.